Welcome to the Buffalo Mountain Blog. I wasn’t planning on having a blog on our website, but I found that with all the exciting new things happening at Buffalo Mountain, that I would start a blog to keep everyone updated.

Here’s a timeline of what we’ve been up to since starting our company:

  • In December 2016 Buffalo Mountain Coffee Roasting Company was born in Green Bank, WV
  • February 2017 we started selling coffee retail in a local art gallery in Green Bank, WV
  • May 2017 we launched our website and our Etsy Shop
  • Business starts¬†picking up and Buffalo Mountain starts creating special occasion favors for weddings, birthdays, baby showers, engagement parties etc.
  • November 2017 we began to plan how we would return to our home state of New Mexico
  • January 2018 we packed up our belongings and business and moved to Reserve, NM
  • Now you’re all caught up!

I am hoping to write in this space each Friday.

Upcoming Events:

Building Our New Wood-Fired Coffee Roasting Hearth

This has been a dream of mine for about three years now. When we originally moved to Maine (a very long and traumatic story!) I wanted to create a coffee business using a homemade wood-fired coffee hearth. It was supposed to be for value-added products at the farm we were supposed to take over, but that plan went out the door when we left Maine.

As fate would have it, when we moved to Green Bank, WV, and I started roasting coffee for my husband Dominic, all the original plans I had for building a wood-fired roasting hearth came rushing back to the forefront of my mind. We thought that Green Bank would be the place we put down roots, but my health started declining in October 2017 due to my severe mold allergies, and we were once again forced to make some difficult decisions about where to live. New Mexico is our home state and the place where I can recover from biotoxin illness, so we came back.

We could have returned to our hometown of Los Lunas, NM, but because New Mexico is such a large and diverse state, we began to look at areas that would be more secluded and rural. We love living in small communities, especially if it’s in the middle of a forest of some kind. As I looked at all the different counties in NM, Catron County stuck out to us for many personal reasons. We began putting out feelers and researching if we could be a good fit for Catron County, and all roads seemed to lead there. We made new connections, forged new friendships, and started partnering with local businesses prior to us moving to Reserve.

My health is still recovering, and now that I’m a bit stronger, we have decided to move forward with building the roastery.

Pictured left is the humble beginnings of Buffalo Mountain’s headquarters. Currently, it is being used as a storage shed but Friday, February 16 the equipment being stored there will be emptied out so we can begin turning this simple shed into a beautiful roastery our customers, village, and county can be proud of.

Our goal is to use as much repurposed and recycled windows, doors, wood, etc, to create the roastery, and the walls will be infilled with staw-light-clay.

We will need to have a custom-made coffee drum, and that will most likely be our greatest investment.

We don’t have any other storage facility, so the building itself will double for storage of everything needed to create the roastery.

On the north side of the building, the hearth will be built. On the east side, a room will be built for my art studio, on the south side large windows with an overhang to keep the summer sun from blazing in, and on the west side where the door is, that will have an extended porch to keep the late day sun out.

As we move forward, we’ll show more about the building process.

Currently, we have the following materials:

  • Three interior solid wood doors in excellent condition
  • Three exterior metal doors with full length glass
  • Stones from around the property and the pond (the pond is directly behind the roastery)
  • New electric lines wired to the building, but just not connected yet
  • Tons of scrap wood and left over building material to glean from

In the next month we’ll start collecting the following materials:

  • Clean bales of straw
  • 50 pound bags of clay
  • A few pallets to store straw and clay
  • Large old windows
  • Thin long logs

Help us build our roastery! Even though we are planning on building our roastery from salvaged materials, we will still need new lumber for building the art studio and have our roasting drum custom made, and many other needs! 

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