Last Friday, we began to clean out the building that will become the roastery. It’s a large shed that was used to store older restaurant equipment until it was time to send it to the scrap metal recycling. That day came today. On Friday wood and other smaller things were removed that could be still used or salvaged for other purposes, and then a time was set for the metal guy to come and haul away the large heavy equipment.

Our next project will be to clean out the building of spider webs and wasp nests and move my little coffee roaster, Ruby, into the structure. Because Ruby is just a small six-pound roaster, I’ve kept her outside under a tent when I roast. The winds here in Reserve have been wicked, so strong and fierce that they actually knocked little Ruby right on her back. Nothing broke, but we have to keep her motor (I call it her heart) inside at night in case something flies by and wacks it or damages it.

I’m hoping to have the building cleaned out by this weekend.

Here are some photos of the metal cleanout:



Help us build our roastery! Even though we are planning on building our roastery from salvaged materials, we will still need new lumber for building the art studio and have our roasting drum custom made, and many other needs! 

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