Coffee for Special Occasions

Combining my love for slow roasting coffee with a passion for handmade embellished favors and gifts, a new marriage of the senses emerged….one that is rustic, iconic and even a little nostalgic. Our handmade products provide a full sensory experience that will delight your guests and loved ones.

Wedding Favors

Say goodbye to spending money on trinkets that will be discarded at the end of the night. Instead, give your guests the gift of coffee. Introduce them to a fabulous slow roasted coffee that they will love for years to come.

Bridal Shower & Engagement Party Favors

Our favors can be made custom for your special event.

Baby Shower Favors

Nothing warms the heart like the celebration of new life. Our favors will continue to warm the hearts of your family and friends and create new fond memories of the first time they were introduced to a fantastic cup of slow roasted coffee.

Birthdays & Holidays

Birthdays, Holidays, stocking stuffers and times when you just want to send a thoughtful card, how about sending a *coffee card* instead?

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Special Occasion Favors

Can I customize my order?
Yes, you can customize your order. You can choose the bag color, embossing ink, twine, and a special message that will be affixed to the interior bag of each favor.
How long does it take to get my special occasion favors?

We have a turn-around time is typically four days to 2 weeks depending on customization.

What is the size of each favor?
Each favor weighs 2 ounces and is 4″x6″
Can I order 4-ounce coffee favors?

Yes, we offer favors containing 4-ounces of coffee. This would be a special custom order, and will add $2.00 to the price of each favor.

We can only provide a medium whole bean or ground coffee in 4-ounce favors. The volume of a dark roast will not fit in the favor bags.

Can I order a dark roast for my favors?

Yes! We have some amazing dark roasts that are smooth and never bitter. It is a dreamy cuppa coffee if I do say so myself!

We can only offer whole bean or ground dark roast in 2-ounce favors. The 4-ounce volume of a dark roast does not fit in our favor bags…it is simply too large.

What type of coffee is used?

We offer seven signature roasts, and you may choose any of those for your order. 


Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, on all orders over $35.00

Do you offer refunds?
Because of the custom nature of our special occasion favors, we do not offer refunds.
What is the total weight of an average wedding order?
Each favor weighs 2 ounces, which will make one full pot of drip brew coffee in a 12 cup Mr. Coffee type coffee maker. 100 favors weigh 16 pounds. This includes the weight of the coffee, the bag, twine, inner plastic coffee bag and labeling.
Do you offer rush/last minute orders?

Yes, we can accommodate last-minute rush orders, however, they are significantly more expensive than our regular favors.  

Every pot brewed, every cup poured, and every sip slurped is like experiencing coffee for the first time. From the pure fresh smell of the beans to the no-milk-and-sugar-needed taste of the coffee, it’s safe to say I’ll be a loyal customer for years to come.

Noah Kleinman

Snowshoe Resort Instructor, Snowshoe Mountain Ski Resort

Offering Online Sales

Fall 2021

We will be offering online sales again late in the Fall 2021. 

White Label Coffee 

We will be selling strictly online and will continue to roast signature white label coffee for cafes and restaurants. 

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