At Cafe Enclave you can purchase coffee by becoming a member using the Monero token, XMR. To become a member, click the link which will take you to our membership page. Once you’ve chosen which subscription you would like to purchase, you’ll be prompted to add your information for where you would like your coffee sent. All information is kept confidential.


If you would like to support this project and donate without purchasing coffee, there is a different link specifically for the project itself, located in a section below titled, “Donate to the Project.”


Our mission is to have a new coffee company funded and run exclusively with Monero. Our vision is to purchase a coffee farm in Mexico, Costa Rica, or another fertile coffee growing area, to fuel the supply of coffee for our Monero Coffee Members, because it will be membership owned. This is of course a long term project and will take considerable funding.


As a coffee company, we have heard many whispers of a large tech company creating a blockchain for managing and monitoring coffee imports and exports from large and small coffee holdings. We want The Monero Coffee Project to provide an exclusive Farm-to-Cup experience that offers its growers an opportunity to thrive and raise the standard of their living while providing members with high quality coffee.


We are creating a separate website for Cafe Enclave, and for this project, Buffalo Mountain Coffee is taking the initiative to breathe life into it.


This project is a work in progress and will morph over time. We welcome Monero collaborations and donations.

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Become a Monero Coffee Member

Coffee Subscriptions

We have coffee subscriptions for 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year. Have coffee shipped right to your door every month! 


Corporate Coffee Gifts

Corporate coffee gifts are a great way to thank your clients and tell them you appreciate them. Architects, publishing companies, builders, financial institutions have used Buffalo Mountain Coffee as their go-to for corporate coffee gifts.


Commercial Orders

We provide wholesale, retail, and white label coffee. Let us know how we can help! 

To become a member, click the button below which will take you to our membership registration page. Everything is kept confidential and will never be shared or sold. Monero is completely fungible and in keeping with the spirit of fungibility, we don’t require real names and addresses, just a valid address of where the coffee should be sent and a secure email for us to communicate. 


Want to support this project but don’t drink coffee? Consider donating some Monero directly! Monero allocated without a coffee subscription will be used for building infrastructure, finding and purchasing a coffee farm or plantation, build housing for those who will be working on the farm, and working with consultants and specialists to make this dream a reality!








Coming Soon!

Roastery Tours

We're building our roastery and we are so excited to start opening up our facilities to the public. We're hoping to have the roastery completed by spring 2020.

Cupping and Tasting Events

After our roastery is completed, we're looking forward to holding cupping and tasting events. 

Contact US


(505) 807-1546


65 Houston Gulch Road, Glenwood, NM 88039