Custom Coffee Cards

An example of our custom coffee cards. I love creating new unique coffee gifts. Our coffee cards can be serious, humorous, and sometimes irreverent for any occasion.

Everyone loves knowing they are thought of fondly. Combining it with a smooth fantastic and freshly roasted coffee will remind them they are thought of with all their senses!

The photo below is a handmade, embossed & stamped card created for a customer who wanted something unique and fun. This coffee card contains 4 ounces of medium roasted ground coffee which will make two full pots of coffee.

Coffee Gift Sets

Coffee Gift Sets contain 12oz of your choice and up to 6 two-ounce coffee samples. We also have Sample Gift Sets as well.

Special Occasion Coffee Favors

Elegant and unique rustic-luxury wedding favors for your upcoming big day. Each favor contains 2 ounces of coffee which will make a full pot of coffee. The kraft or white paper bag is embossed by hand one at a time and lovingly tied with twine.

Baby shower favors

Coffee Baby Shower Favors are a favorite! 

Offering Online Sales

Fall 2021

We will be offering online sales again late in the Fall 2021. 

White Label Coffee 

We will be selling strictly online and will continue to roast signature white label coffee for cafes and restaurants. 

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