Engagement, Bridal Showers, and Wedding Favors

Engagement, Bridal Shower, and Wedding Favors

Elegant and unique rustic-luxury wedding favors for your upcoming big day. Each favor contains two ounces of coffee which will make a full pot of coffee. The kraft or white paper bag is embossed by hand one at a time and lovingly tied with twine.

We need a four day to two-week turn-around time to complete your order. One day prior to shipping, coffee will be roasted to ensure optimal freshness.

Our coffee is slow-roasted for a beautifully balanced, smooth coffee that is never bitter even when roasted to the dark side.

To order, click a product photo to be taken to our Special Occasion Favors. Our favors are $3.50 each.

Gold Embossed Favor on Kraft Paper with Natural Twine

Gold Embossed Favor on Kraft Paper with Natural Twine

Gold Embossed Favor on Kraft Paper with Natural Twine

Black Embossed Favor on Kraft Paper with Natural Twine

How Our Favors are Put Together

It All Starts with a Blank Bag

Each favor starts as a blank bag of potential! It’s hard to believe that such a simple rustic element can add so much value to individualized gifts and favors!

Embellished and Embossed

Each favor is individually stamped and heat embossed in gold, silver, black, or color of your choosing. Depending on the favor design, some come embellished with a little pearl or rhinestone.

2-ounce Medium Ground Coffee Inner Bags

There’s magic in these bags! Slow roasted fabulous coffee is sure to please your guests. Almost everyone loves fresh roasted coffee, so you know that your investment will not be wasted or squandered when your wedding or party is over.

Customised Labels

You can have a simple customized label of your special occasion. Each label will give the origin and region your coffee comes from, the roast date, and the brand of coffee.

The favor is then added to the paper bag, and tied with twine.

Offering Online Sales

Fall 2021

We will be offering online sales again late in the Fall 2021. 

White Label Coffee 

We will be selling strictly online and will continue to roast signature white label coffee for cafes and restaurants. 

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