Ephemera Wedding Favors

Ephemera Wedding Favors

I love inspiration because I never know how or where it will present itself. Back in January as we were packing up our moving truck and getting ready move across the country to New Mexico, I got an email from a bride-to-be who was at our website and was interested in purchasing wedding favors. She was interested in our gold embossed favors but was very interested to find out if we had any ephemera favors. At the time, most of my art supplies were already packed up, but as is standard practice for Buffalo Mountain, we always send a free sample or two of the favors a customer might be interested in. It allows them to get a feel for the weight, size, and most of all, the taste of our fabulous coffee.

I shipped off a few samples, as well as an ephemera Thank You gift filled with chocolate covered espresso beans. On the right is the “Thank You” gift I sent. The bride really loved the ephemera Thank You gift, and wanted to know if I would make those for her wedding. Unfortunately, all the images I had were not created by me, so the chances of creating 55 favors exactly the same were not possible.

As we traveled cross country I had some time to think about how I could create 55 ephemera wedding favors. The whole idea baffled me because I always just purchased ephemera images in large packs that were all pre-cut and ready to go on thick card stock. I would just choose different images to create the look and feel I wanted, and then list them as one of a kind gift ideas…because that’s what they were. No two were ever alike.

I have this amazing laser printer and I started to formulate a plan in my mind. I would curate my own collection of ephemera images, print it all out on cardstock, and cut everything out one at a time.

By the time we reached our new home, I was confident I could create the wedding favors this beautiful bride wanted for her wedding. She found an image she loved of a vintage couple, and I began to put together the composition for what the final favors would look like.

The finished product came out beautiful and she was very happy when I emailed her a photo of everything right before it was shipped out.

My client Vivian inspired me to create a new genre of wedding favors for future brides interested in the ephemera style. I love being inspired! Some of my most creative pieces came about because someone sent me a message asking if I could create something just for them. I love the stories they tell as they craft their idea, and I LOVE conspiring with them to create a special gift for someone they love or think of kindly. I can’t wait to share more of my stories with all of you!

Here are some photos of the ephemera wedding favor process:

After cutting out each image, they get glued to the paper bag. Once the glue is dried, the bag is stamped with flower image and heat embossed in gold.

One day prior to shipping out wedding favors, coffee is roasted according to our client’s preference, and the day it ships out it is ground. Two ounces of ground coffee goes into each bag. The inner bag has the kind of coffee, the origin and region, and when it was roasted.

You can include a thank you message inside. An insert with information about our coffee company is added as well. 

Each wedding favor is tied with a double strand of natural jute. 

It takes a few weeks to finish the process since everything is cut out individually and then each layer of images needs to be glued and dried. Once everything is dried, embellishing commences! I love stamping the images and setting them with metallic embossing ink. Finally, the glitter work is added to the couple as well as to different parts of the images themselves.

It is a labor of love for those who want to go the extra mile with their guests. Often times wedding favors are an afterthought when all the wedding budget has been spent on flowers, food, and other important details that go into that big special day. How often have you gone to a wedding and gotten some sort of trinket like a bottle opener or other item that will probably never get used?

When you have gone all out to create a special day to share with family and friends, thank them with the gift of coffee! Introduce them to the slow-roasted goodness that Buffalo Mountain can provide. Chances are that when they open these favors and make a pot of coffee, they will think fondly of the time everyone shared.

Favors don’t have to be an afterthought. Favors can let others know they are warmly thought of and appreciated.

I look forward to creating more ephemera wedding favors! I wonder what images I’ll curate for them? What kind of flowers does the bride love? Where are they going on their honeymoon? How did they meet? What is their favorite butterfly or bird? Do they love gold or silver? Or another color altogether? So many questions! So many stories to artfully craft and bring to life. Who will be my next bride?

Maybe these would be the perfect favors for a Silver or Gold Anniversary with the actual wedding photo of the happy couple. Maybe the bride or groom has an image of their great-grandmother and grandfather and that is what they want on their favors.

Let’s talk. Let’s make it happen. Tell me your story…inspire me, I want to hear from you.