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Welcome to Buffalo Mountain

Buffalo Mountain Coffee Roasting Company, located in Glenwood, NM, provides specialty coffee from small sustainable coffee farms around the world. Our coffee is slow-roasted to ensure a beautifully balanced, smooth coffee that is never bitter even when roasted to the dark side.

Combining my love for slow roasting coffee with a passion for handmade embellished favors and gifts, a new marriage of the senses emerged….one that is rustic, iconic and even a little nostalgic. Our handmade products provide a full sensory experience that will delight your guests for engagement parties, bridal showers, baby showers, family reunions, anniversary parties, holidays and other special occasions.

We are Catron County’s very own specialty coffee roaster! Proudly serving Reserve, Datil, Pie Town, Quemado, as well as online sales throughout the United States and abroad. 

Where to Purchase our Coffee

Jakes General Store: Reserve, NM

Alma Store: Alma, NM

Old Kelly Store: Mogollon, NM

Horse and Buggy: Quemado, NM

Rt. 60 Visitor Center: Magdalena, NM

Our online Store

Ready to shop for great coffee offerings? Whether you’re in the market for fabulous coffee, special occasion events, or even gifts, we are here for your needs.

Special Occasions

Let us be there for all the important moments of your life. We can provide coffee favors for weddings, bridal and baby showers, Engagement Parties, stocking stuffers and holiday gifts, and birthday coffee cards.


Taste the difference that our single-origin, slow-roasted coffee has to offer.

Our coffee is slow-roasted in small batches to ensure a beautifully balanced, smooth coffee that is never bitter even when roasted to the dark side.

 Each batch is handled with the utmost respect because we truly care about our coffees. I search for high-quality coffees from around the world based on location, altitude, and varietals. From there, I “break in the bean” by finding the best roasting profile for each type of coffee. Anything that falls beneath my standards I will not sell, because my passion for roasting shines through every single batch I roast. 

Slow roasting coffee creates a low acid coffee. Typical times for commercial roasters come in at around 12 minutes per batch, but ours take between 18-20 minutes to roast and it is always roasted in small batches. The slow process of roasting allows the sugars to develop slowly, and also allows the oils to develop resulting in a more balanced, rich, yet never bitter coffee. There is a delicate balance with slow roasting, and if the roast goes over 25 minutes, the result is a flat dead, almost lifeless cup of coffee. We have spent thousands of hours perfecting each of our roasts. It is a true labor of love!

Coffee is a Gift!

 It brings joy, happiness, fulfillment, contentment, bravery, and even a little moxie. From the time it is planted in the ground until we grind it up and serve it to one another, it is a gift worth giving, worth having, worth sharing.

Buffalo Mountain Coffee is my gift to you. Every time I purchase green coffee I get this giddy feeling in my belly, like when you purchase that perfect surprise gift for a loved one. And each time I roast that green coffee, I squeal a little on the inside in anticipation because I know that my slow roasted coffee is often the first thing our customers and friends think about when they rise to greet the day.

Our coffee offerings

Have our fresh roasted coffee delivered right to your door. Our coffee company may be rural and remote, but that doesn’t stop us from getting our fresh roasted coffee to your door, regardless of whether you are here in North America or somewhere cool and international.  

Curious About Who We are?

Coffee Bean

Best Beans

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Smooth Finish

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Perfect Blend

Buffalo Mountain Coffee is a labor of love. It all started when my husband Dominic didn’t have a decent cup of coffee to make for us in the morning when we moved to a very rural mountain town. Being upset by the lack of fresh roasted coffee, I was on a mission to learn how to roast coffee for him…

Latest From Our Journal

Offering Online Sales

Fall 2021

We will be offering online sales again late in the Fall 2021. 

White Label Coffee 

We will be selling strictly online and will continue to roast signature white label coffee for cafes and restaurants. 

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